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Benefits of moving from being a "Newbie" to a "Member"

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"Newbies" are members who've posted less than 6 times. Once they post a 6th post, they become a full "Member".


There are certain areas where Members can do/have more than Newbies. For how to do some of the below, see the other topics in this section.


Display Names:

  • Members can change their display name 3 times a year.
  • Newbies can’t.


Editing Posts:

  • Members can edit their posts within an hour.
  • Newbies can’t edit.


Generate a Colourful Letter Avatar:

  • Newbies can’t.


Member Titles:

  • Members can change their Member Titles after 10 posts.
  • Newbies can't.



  • Members can store up to 200 PMs and send an unlimited amount a day.
  • Newbies can store up to 10 PMs and send only 1 a day.



  • Newbies can’t create polls.


Profile Privacy:

  • Members can set who can see their profiles.
  • Newbies can’t.



  • Members can add signatures including one image and one link.
  • Newbies can't add signatures.


Status Updates:

  • Members can post status updates.
  • Newbies can’t.


Uploads (Attachments):

  • Members can store up to 20 MB of attachments before needing to delete old ones. Maximum storage for each submission: 500kb - Eg, if this is set to 500 kb, you can upload a single 500 kb attachment, or five 100 kb attachments, to each post you make, provided you don't exceed your allowed total maximum attachment storage.
  • Newbies can't upload attachments.

Note - very old attachments in topics that aren't really read anymore or which are unnecessary may be deleted by Admin after a certain amount of time in order to free up webspace.


These benefits may be updated from time to time.

Edited by Marina


(belated DX in June '05, SPMS)

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